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    3 Time Truths Even Smart People Miss

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3 Time Truths Even Smart People Miss–Your Free Gift– Reveals…

  • Why projects ALWAYS stress you out and leave you feeling panicked at the last minute
  • The Secret to confidently completing activities On Time, Without Burn Out
  • #1 Simple Step you can take to Instantly reduce your feelings of guilt and failure
  • The Truth about the worst time managers (that no one ever told you….)

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As an internationally recognized time coach & trainer, and the author of The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment published by McGraw Hill, my mission is to help bring healing and breakthrough in your life.

That happens through sharing practical time investment advice and through empowering you with other tools and insights you need to be successful, including knowing how to increase your confidence, set boundaries, speak up, and live an authentic life.

I’m passionate about taking a holistic approach to time management behavioral change because I’ve seen through my own experience and my clients that’s the only way to experience lasting transformation. Plus selfishly, seeing you succeed fills me with joy!

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  • I was already quite successful by many measures. But adopting better time management practices and seeing tangible progress in a matter of weeks has enabled me to have greater confidence about managing my time, to be more peaceful, and to feel like I am in more control. This has given me a clearer mind for decision-making, a greater ability to rest, a greater ability to focus and produce results. Coaching with Elizabeth has had a great impact on my life.–Internal business consultant, Fortune 100 company

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  • Elizabeth’s time coaching program was inspiring! She is full of energy, and her positive attitude is contagious.  Best of all, Elizabeth provides practical, innovative solutions to real-world problems. If you care about your time, you can’t afford not to be a part of!-Luke

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  • A lot of things have happened. I took a step back after the three months of time management you lead me through, and….Oh my! Where do I begin? Vacation was fantastic! I did a lot of nothing so it seems, but I did do plenty. I met new people/friends, I took my first real Yoga class-Amazing!, took Spanish lessons, read, rested, walked nearly every day more than two miles, got a massage weekly and more….

    I am much more at peace with myself. Thank you for sharing so much and many of your experiences. You are one of the many blessings in my life.”-Teri

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  • This could be you…


    I’m here for you. I know your life can be different!

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  • I find your insights and your sensibility in your writing to be deeply moving and very helpful. Thank you very much for your wisdom.-Mike Robertson, entrepreneur on the quest to have a fulfilling, entirely satisfying life

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  • It’s been a very positive experience. I’m more cognizant of time in general and it’s meaning. At some point, time becomes more valuable than money.”-Amanda, healthcare executive

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  • Down to earth yet fresh & inventive, Elizabeth helped me arrange my time and calendar in ways that are aligned to my priorities.

    Just as necessary as practical scheduling advice was Elizabeth’s recognition and addressing of some of my characteristics which impact how I implement time management. My high standards for myself, my resistance to routine, and my adjustment to those unexpected life events that are inevitable, are a few of the topics we covered.

    Time management with Elizabeth has been gratifying and enlightening. It has led to a feeling of more balance in what I have come to call my ‘rich and full life.'”-Kathryn, fine artist

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  • Coaching with Elizabeth is the best decision I made this year. As a coach, she is consistent, supportive, and empowering. Elizabeth is not only great at understanding how to structure time effectively for work and school, but also she takes time to really understand what matters to you, your goals and aspirations, and then helps you envision how you can achieve that life through effective time management.

    I recommend her with total confidence – she is a brilliant coach.”-Nathan, data visualization enthusiast

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